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Charlie Bush  
City Manager
Title: City Manager
Phone: (360) 681-3440 Cell: (425) 495-1429

Meet the City Manager
Charlie Bush began serving as the City Manager on August 17, 2015.

Charlie's primary role as city manager is providing organizational leadership and accountability, He is excited about the challenge of serving a community with a significant number of retirees and about the goals and upcoming work items that he sees for the community.

His management and leadership style is focused on three key areas.

1. People First. He believes in developing people and in creating positivity in both the organization and the community. He believes in values-based organizations and the power of teams, collaboration, partnerships, trust, and engagement to fuel high performance and  innovation.
2. Leadership Everywhere. Leadership is present, supported, and expected at all levels where he manages. Leadership also leads to continuous improvement, high performance, and innovation.
3. Results Matter. Organizations that he manages focus on results and continuous improvement. It is impossible to know if performance is improving if the organization is unaware of the results it produces. His goal is not just for results to matter to him, but also for them to matter to every employee in the organization. Continuous improvement events, celebrations of accomplishments, and alignment of goals in the organization help to build a connection between employees and results. 


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