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Art by Katelin Ghormley
I Dream of Sequim....
The design for "I Dream of Sequim" was a process for me.  At first, it was going to be a wooden hope chest, with the people of Sequim helping each other climb out to decorate or create the landscape of Sequim depicted on the outside of the box.  But then I decided that since I had already seen a similar idea other places on murals and other public art, that it wouldn't really be my own and wouldn't be unique to Sequim.  So then I really thought about what concept had attracted me to the hope chest idea in the first place, and there were a few things like "hopes and dreams" that we hear a lot, and "dreams for the future", and "the hope of our future is in our children."

I decided that the best way to depict what I really wanted to express, was to show children in a dreamscape literally creating the future of Sequim.  I also wanted to include all of the familiar aspects that are special to Sequim for the kids to build from, because if we are to have a growing future ahead of us, we need our kids to feel that home connection to where they come from and want to come back and help us grow together.

The Art is for Everyone
The art is for everyone, but you could say that the target audience is more for the kids in our community, since the future of Sequim ultimately relies on them.  That's why I chose to use a more storybook type style, and scattered "I Dream of Sunshine", "I Dream of Wind", "I Dream of Familiar Places", etc. all over the art, can you find them all?  There is also a girl with blonde ringlets who is the only kid actually asleep and looks like she is dreaming, can you find her?

Katelin Ghormley