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Human Services
Currently Funded
Resolution R2014-21 established criteria for programs the City Council wishes to provide by contracting with certain agencies that provide these services.  These programs primarily serve residents within the Sequim City limits. The City has contracted with

Parenting Matters, Serenity House and Shipley Center to provide programs that focus on vulnerable populations including early childhood development (0-4 years of age), youth and seniors;

Dungeness Valley Health and Wellness Clinic for essential medical and dental care access for the uninsured;

Healthy Families to provide mental health services for school-age children and adults;

The Sequim Area Boys & Girls Club and the Shipley Center to provide youth and senior development activities which include education, life skills, intellectually stimulating activities, physical exercise/recreational activities and social connections.

Peninsula Behavioral Health to provide mental health services for poor or infirm school-age children and adults who are residents of the City of Sequim.

These contracts expire December 31, 2016, with an option to renew through 2017.

Funding Allocations
The City's budget includes $75,000 for human services funding. A percentage of these funds is allocated to agencies as follows:

Boys and Girls Club receives 27%

Dungeness Valley Health and Wellness Clinic receives 30%

Health Families receives 15%

Parenting Matters receives 7%

Peninsula Behavioral Health receives 5%

Serenity House receives 7%

Shipley Center receives 9%