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February 2018
Week Ending February 9

Here are this week’s items:

Council Follow-Through

- Emergency Management Exercise – We activated the Emergency Operations Center for a half day on Wednesday to conduct an exercise testing our response to a winter storm scenario. Our team came away with a list of things to improve but overall performed well.

- ServiceFest Advance – We had an advance of our ServiceFest team yesterday to further sort and organize projects, project planning, and event management. We’ll have a briefing for Council in the next couple of months as we build up to June’s event. As we look to collaborate with property owners who could use some help, we will be sending out a salvo of letters to properties with significant code violations offering them the option to be assisted by ServiceFest before we begin more intensive enforcement actions this fall.

- Update on Reclaimed Water Bill – The Senate version of the bill (6390) died by not making it out of committee. The House version (HB 2743) passed out of committee, is currently in rules, and is awaiting a vote on the floor. It will die on Valentine’s Day if it doesn’t get out of the House of origin. Here is a link to this session’s cutoff calendar for bills.  We continue to communicate with our legislators about 2743. This bill could have a significant detrimental impact on our ability to use reclaimed water on anything, including at Carrie Blake Park. Here is a link to the bill information for HB 2743.

- Commercial Land Use in the Western EOA – We have been hearing from some property owners in the Western Economic Opportunity Area (EOA) designated in our comprehensive plan that they are ready to sell/develop their land. They are asking what they can do with it and the answer right now is only residential development. The issue with the EOA designation in the Comprehensive Plan is that it requires a subarea plan to be completed before we can consider a business/commercial use, even though our intent in the plan is a business/commercial use. We had to put in place residential zoning for both EOAs after the Comp. Plan passed because we cannot hold land. What type of commercial remains unknown because it is not specified in the Comp. Plan and we, nor the property owners, have completed a subarea plan. The western EOA has over 20 property owners where the eastern EOA has one. That is why we started on an eastern EOA subarea plan first.

We are currently studying the eastern EOA (Holt property) through the CERB grant that we received. We’ll have that study, which will serve as a subarea plan for that eastern area, complete during the 2nd quarter. It will come to Council.

We will be recommending this year that we amend the Comprehensive Plan to eliminate the subarea plan requirement so that we can move directly to zoning. We are also going to recommend that we study the HTLI zone, which has been mentioned by the public, as a part of this year’s amendments.

We are looking at having the Council approve zoning for both EOAs (western and eastern) by the end of 2018. This will allow property owners to move forward more efficiently with commercial development, as directed by the Comprehensive Plan.

We’ve talked about the situation with the EOAs before in Council meetings but have not talked in detail about bringing them online for development as envisioned in the Comprehensive Plan.

Related Items

- District Court Location – We periodically host traffic court at the Transit Center here in Sequim. We have made arrangements with the County to move traffic court to our Council Chambers. This will allow us to put those operations in a location that more easily accommodates them, alleviate some of the pressure for various uses at the Transit Center, reduce costs by eliminating a software license we maintain at the Transit Center, and allow us to start testing/using the Chambers as a courtroom.

- Hackathon – Today is our Hackathon at Clallam Coworking from 10-3. We will be developing skills in Amazon Alexa for tourists to access as they consider visiting Sequim. A hackathon is an event where programmers volunteer their time for a cause. We expect at least three programmers today and there already is interest in doing more of this type of collaboration within the local information technology community. Our cost for putting together the hackathon will be providing lunch for the volunteers who attend.

- Goat Gusto – We received some coverage from KONP this week regarding our pilot project to study the use of goats for City operations. The project is our capstone project for the Alliance for Innovation’s Innovation Academy. Our team in the Academy, the GREASE Team, graduates in early April at the Transforming Local Government Conference (TLG) in Tacoma. Here is a link to the story. Both Sue and Ty did a fabulous job with their interviews!

- TLG Presentations – We will be doing three presentations at TLG. One will be on the above mentioned Innovation Academy Goat Pilot Project, the second will be on our Amazon Alexa Skills Development Pilot Project (above hackathon) with 8 other cities and counties, and the third will be on creating and sustaining an innovative organization culture. I’ll be doing the latter with another manager to be determined.

- Award Submittals – We are working on award submittals for submission to the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) and to ICMA. This year we are focused in on sharing the results of our partnership to bring the YMCA to Sequim, which reopened a vacant mothballed community center formerly known as SARC. I have a bunch of data from Len Borchers and will begin drafting in a couple of weeks.

Week Ending February 2

Thank you for providing us great direction and a full day of your time in our annual Council Advance on Monday! Here are this week’s items:

Council Follow-Through

- Pickleball Plaque – The attached documents represent a plaque we approved this week that will installed in the new courts. It is financed by the Sequim Picklers. Plaque ConceptPlaque Placement.

- Reclaimed Water Legislative Bills – We continue to closely track our bills of concern that we shared with you earlier this week. The cutoff to get bills out of the committee of origin is tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted.

Related Items

- Monthly Meeting with Commissioner Ozias – Mayor Smith and I had our monthly meeting with Commissioner Ozias today. Topics discussed included the Simdars interchange, health and human services policies, Sequim’s growth, strategic planning, and emergency medical services.

- Workforce of the Future Workshop – I attended an Alliance for Innovation event on Tuesday at Kitsap County. The key presenter was Patrick Ibarra ( Patrick had a lot of great tips regarding succession planning, recruitment, onboarding, personnel policies, etc. from his own experiences. He also covered the Alliance for Innovation’s research on the Workplace of Tomorrow ( As the Alliance’s “host” for the event, I got in for free, a $99 value. I’ll be downloading in detail with HR next week.

- Council Planning Calendar and Draft 2/12 Agenda - Was attached


Charlie Bush