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June 2018
Week Ending June 15

Last week’s late update is a bit sparse, due to ServiceFest. Here are the items:

- ServiceFest Wraps Up – Whew, a ton of effort went into these last two weeks! We got almost everything done that we set out to complete (a couple of kiosks still need to be installed and the mower shed is near completion). Kudos to everyone involved, from your support, to staff efforts, our partners (especially Habitat for Humanity), service clubs, community volunteers, and most importantly the Care-A-Vanners! Habitat’s national office has been tracking us for the past two weeks and intends to replicate this effort in other places. We will also be sharing the model we’ve developed with other local governments. Most importantly, we helped some people with some significant property issues, completed a lot of public projects of value to the community, and splashed some color around town. We have a big debrief planned for this week and will continue to refine the model. I’m going to put a placeholder in the 2019 budget for potentially doing this again next year but we probably won’t know details for several months regarding whether that will happen and how it will look. We’ll have more for you in a Council briefing sometime this summer.

- Court, Jails, Prosecution, and Public Defense Contract - This item is on the list for discussion with the County at our upcoming meeting. Our read on the contract is that it does not allow for an opener for this type of occurrence (legislative change). We also don’t really know the scope of the legislative change, in terms of impact. It appears the County is taking a more extreme view of it than may be the case. The City of Port Angeles is not inclined to open the agreement at this time with the County and we recommend the same. If we were to open it, we recommend that we negotiate some favorable terms as a condition for opening it. We’ll need some direction from you at the meeting on the 25th. Here is some radio coverage on the topic from this week.


Charlie Bush

Week Ending June 8



This has been a busy week, due to ServiceFest.  Here are this week’s items:


Council Direction


-        Fire District 3 Interlocal Agreement – We are working on an interlocal agreement with District 3 to cover areas like Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training and management, joint EOC Operations, military surplus equipment, and employee training.  We are getting close on language and will hopefully have it completed this summer.  We anticipate adding some additional items onto it in the future.  We met with the District this week.


Council Follow-Through


-          ServiceFest – ServiceFest is rolling along.  We completed many projects and events this week (see Barb’s press releases for details), and have more planned for next week.  We’ll have a full debrief for you sometime this summer.  I’d encourage you to get out and check out some of the project sites.  There have been some dramatic transformations!!!  So far, the experience has been rewarding, moving, transforming, and challenging for all involved.  Our staff, Habitat staff, community volunteers and service organizations, and most of all the Care-A-Vanners have been amazing!!!  The many months of planning we put into this has paid off as well.


Related Items


-          Governor Inslee’s Visit – Councilor States represented us with Governor Inslee’s Port Angeles visit this week related to maritime industries and the Emerald Coast Opportunity Zone.  Staff had various ServiceFest and Port meeting conflicts.  By all accounts, his visit was productive and the region represented well.


-          KSQM – In case you missed it, there was a great story done recently about our community radio station.


-          Rainworks Projects Installed – Our project that received the most votes for implementation at Peter Kageyama’s 2016 workshop has been installed in various locations around the City.  The messages show up on sidewalks only when wet and remind people of the sun that usually shines in Sequim.  One of them is on the plaza.  Jodi Minker and Colleen Robinson were the primary people behind this effort.