Guy Cole Event Center Hall


144 N. Blake Avenue, Sequim, WA 98382

Room Capacity

The Guy Cole Event Center has a designated capacity of 

  • Standing only:  1008
  • Seated (chairs only):  720 
  • Seated (tables and chairs): 335

Per fire code the listed capacity cannot be exceeded at any time.  


City provides: 

  • 290 chairs
  • 28 rectangular tables 8’ long
  • 41 round tables 70” diameter

You are welcome to bring in additional furnishings if needed. The City does not provide any other than listed.


Refer to your Facility Rental Reservation and the City’s Facility Rental Procedures and Rules for information on Decorations, Equipment and Setup. Prohibited decorations and equip­ment include rice, bird­seed, confetti, glitter, stickers, and bubble and fog machines. Earthquake putty, painter’s tape, command strips and string are the only materials allowed for installation of decorations.  Do not hang anything on the curtains. Lighted candles are allowed only if they are enclosed in a glass container or vase and the flames cannot exceed the height of the container.  Carpet runners are allowed but may not be taped to the carpet or floor. Damage to any surface by decorations or equipment will result in reduced or forfeited deposit refunds.  

Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Vaping

Refer to your Facility Rental Reservation and the City’s Facility Rental Procedures and Rules. 

Alcohol may only be consumed or sold if all required permits and licenses are obtained and displayed.

Smoking or vaping of any product is prohibited inside the Guy Cole Event Center. 


General parking is available around the Guy Cole Event Center, but renters and their guests are not given exclusive privileges. Therefore, space is limited.  Renters are advised and encouraged to carpool to the event or shuttle participants from an authorized prearranged location.  Illegally parked cars may be ticketed or towed.

Music & DJ’s

DJs and bands must have their equipment packed and removed from the building at the conclusion of your event.  Remind the DJ that tape of any kind is not allowed on the floor, and that bubble and fog machines are prohibited.  Sound levels must comply with state law on noise nuisances (RCW 70.107).


No animals are permitted in City facilities except for service animals.


There is an audio system with two microphones.  There is also a large, 16x9 projector screen. The City does not provide extension cords.


Keys must be picked up no earlier than the afternoon (between 2 pm and 4 pm) before the event.  If the event is on Saturday or Sunday, keys must be picked up Friday between 2 pm and 4 pm.   If City staff are “called out” to provide access to a facility, a minimum two hours of public works crew time will be added to the renter’s obligations or deducted from their deposit.

Cost and Fees

Please refer to our Facility Rate Sheet found on the Facilities Rental page.

 The deposit is 100% refundable if no damage has occurred, there are no missing items and no excessive cleaning is required over what is normally expected per the Facility Rental Sheet.


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