Gary in Parks

"Listen and care about what they’re talking about. It’s amazing how far being nice to everyone you meet can go."

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Get to know Gary, City of Sequim Parks Maintenance Worker! 7 years on the job, 48 years as a Sequim resident.

 Q -  If you were presenting at a kids career day, how would you describe your job?

A -   Sometimes I play with dogs. Some days I get to drive a lawn mower and rock out with my headphones on.

 Q -  What does a regular workday look like for you?

A -  It can be anything like mowing lawns, fixing up buildings, or building things like benches and playground equipment. There’s something different every day.

 Q -  What’s your favorite part of your work?

A -  Meeting people! It’s like a neighborhood here at Carrie Blake Park. That’s the nice part of coming to work, seeing the familiar faces.

 One funny story, there’s a gentleman named Bill that visits the park often with his dog. Flash back to last November, I was in Las Vegas visiting some friends and we bumped into Bill in the hotel lobby! We were both like “What the heck are you doing here?!” Then two days later, here we were both back at the park in Sequim. Small world.

 Q -  You’re known for collecting vinyl records. Is there a record you’re enjoying right now?

A -  I was just listening to Bad Company’s Desolution Angels. It was a record I was testing because it had a slight warp to it. I refurbish and resell them as a hobby through record swap events that I host.

 Q -  In your opinion, what makes Sequim parks special?

A -  I think having so many things you can do here. Walking trails, the dog park, sports fields, skatepark. We’re constantly growing and improving all the time. It’s kind of a pride thing, we set the bar and we want to keep it high.  

 Q -  Have any pro-tips for enjoying Carrie Blake Park?

A -  What I wish people discovered more is a lot of the fun activities that can be done out here. There’s a bocce ball court, a shuffleboard court, and a horseshoe area. They’re all south of Haller Playfields. We have a storage box where we keep all the equipment for those activities, and it has my phone number on it. If people want to play between the hours of 8 and 3, Monday through Friday, I’ll unlock the box for them!

 Q -  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

A -  From my dad, basically, just be cool and nice to people. Listen and care about what they’re talking about. It’s amazing how far being nice to everyone you meet can go. It makes you feel good about yourself.

 Gary is just one of the hardworking and fascinating people that make up the City of Sequim team. Stay tuned for more Q&As from the exceptional individuals who keep your City running smoothly!