Developing & Building in Sequim


Developing and Building in Sequim

Our current plan review time is 6-8 weeks.


NEW - The State Building Code Council (SBCC) voted to delay the effective date of the 2021 Washington State codes. The new effective date will be March 15, 2024. The City of Sequim plans to adopt the 2021 codes at that time.

Building Codes

The City of Sequim has adopted the 2018 Washington State Building Code, as well as local regulations per Sequim Municipal Code Chapter 15.04.

Design Criteria

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Residential Building Permits

Please view our permit applications for submittal requirements.

Commercial Building Permits

Permits are required for new construction, tenant improvements, and for alterations to an existing structure. 

Over the Counter

We issue residential mechanical, re-roof, residential solar, demolition, and some residential plumbing permits over the counter; these permits do not typically have the same submittal requirements as other building permits and have a faster review time. 


When you are ready for your inspection, please call our inspection hotline: (360) 683-4908 ext. 2. We typically perform inspections Tuesday-Friday between 10am-2pm.


Electrical permits are issued through the Department of Labor and Industries.

For more information on permits and submittal information, please see our Permitting Services page.

Helpful Handouts/Links

Some of our most common forms and resources can be found here.
  1. Joel Dressel

    Joel Dressel

    Building Official/Fire Marshal