Why Regulate Signs?

The City Council finds that it is necessary and desirable to create a legal framework for a comprehensive and balanced system of street graphics to facilitate an easy and pleasant communication between people and their environment and to avoid visual clutter that is potentially harmful to traffic and pedestrian safety.

Who Enforces Signage Issues?

When the Code Compliance Officer receives a complaint regarding signage, he/she can issue a Notice of Violation. In most cases, signage issues are resolved with a personal visit from the Officer to discuss the concerns. If a Notice of Violation is required for noncompliance, such notice will indicate the following:

  1. Which provisions are being violated.
  2. What steps are necessary to correct the violation.
  3. Statement that they have 45 days to correct the violation; except temporary signs, banners and portable signs which have five (5) days from the date of notice to correct.
  4. Failure to comply may result in penalties being assessed as well as fines.

Who is responsible for Obsolete or Abandoned Signs or Structures?

Any abandoned sign or structure is the responsibility of the owner of the premises on which the sign is located. Obsolete signs or advertising of a business that is no longer in operation shall be removed, or in lieu of removal the sign shall be replaced with a blank sign face made from the same type of material. An abandoned sign is any legal non-conforming sign structure that for a period of more than one (1) year no longer correctly identifies or advertises any person or business.

When Is A Sign Permit Required?

A permit is required for each sign prior to placing, erecting, moving, reconstructing, altering or display of any exterior signs. A building permit and/or electrical permit may also be required.

Who Do I Contact ?

Applications for sign permits are submitted to the Department of Community Development at To speak with Community Development staff, call (360) 683-4908.

Where Can I find the Sign Code Ordinance?

The Sign Code can be in Chapter 18.58 of the Sequim Municipal Code.

Are Some Signs Exempt From a Permit?

Yes, here are a few examples:

  • Replacing a face panel on an existing illuminated sign with no location change.
  • Election signs in compliance with state law and removed within ten (10) days after election.
  • Private Parking and Tow-Away signs meeting state law.