Waste & Recycling

recycling & Garbage Services

Recycling markets are changing rapidly. In Sequim we "Do the Core Four": Metals, Plastics (limited), Mixed Paper, and Corrugated Cardboard. Click on the flyer to the right for details. 

Glass and plastic bags may be recycled if you self-haul to the correct location - but they should not go into your recycling bin. For how to #RecycleRight refer to the City’s flyer and these webpages: 

Collection services within the City are provided through a contract between City of Sequim and Murrey’s Olympic Disposal (a.k.a. Waste Connections). For information on garbage or recycling containers and the collection schedule, please call 360-452-7278 or email cust2112@wcnx.org. Their website is: http://wcolympicpeninsula.com/services.aspx 

Collection of garbage is required for all properties in Sequim city limits. Collection of "Core Four" recyclables (NOT glass) in a separate cart is required for residential customers but commercial properties must request a recycling cart. 

Recycling flyers and fridge magnets are available for pick up at City Hall

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Organics (Food & YARD WASTE)

Food waste can be composted for fertilizer at your home or sold to a local composting service. Contact WSU Extension to learn more at www.extension.wsu.edu/clallam.

Yard waste can be collected curbside by the City’s solid waste hauler by subscription. Order by calling 360-452-7278.


The County’s Moderate Risk Waste Facility (aka Regional Transfer Station), located at 3501 W. 18th Street in Port Angeles, is open on a limited schedule for Clallam County residents to dispose of household hazardous waste for free (paint, chemicals, oil, etc.). 

The City of Sequim will accept used car batteries and waste motor oil at no charge at the City Shop, 169 W. Hemlock St., Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The City cannot accept gasoline or antifreeze. 

Electronics ("E-waste")

"E-Cycle Washington" oversees locations accepting electronic waste. As of 2020 there are two convenient recycling sites in Sequim, depending on the type of device. Please refer to these websites for current information:  Clallam County E-Waste, and E-Cycle Washington.


There are several companies that distribute phone books to homes and businesses in Sequim.  If you would like to opt out of having phone books delivered, publishers have collectively created a consumer opt-out program that allows you to opt out of all or a selection of directories delivered within the zip code.  Visit https://www.yellowpagesoptout.com.  The site will require registration including your address, telephone number and email.  

You may recycle unwanted phone books with "mixed paper."