Planned Unit Developments

Planned Unit Development (PUD) Overview

The PUD process is intended to provide flexibility in the application of certain zoning regulations and thereby promote a harmonious variety of uses within each PUD, realizing economies of shared services and facilities, and creating a safe, aesthetic and healthful living and shopping environment. A PUD requires a public hearing (and approval) before the City Council.

The purpose of a planned unit development is to encourage an integrated, creative and flexible approach to the development of land, which provides for the public welfare, preserves additional undeveloped lands not protected by existing environmental regulations, and allows for the establishment of uses not usually allowed within the same zoning district to be permitted; provided, that design criteria which address the incompatibilities have been successfully applied. Planned unit developments promote “sustainable” site planning, which minimizes adverse environmental impacts while accommodating the long-term needs of the community. Planned unit developments that are sustainable incorporate the following design principles:

A. Site design which follows existing topography and respects and preserves natural systems and historic features.

B. Site design which respects environmental conditions of the property and preserves sensitive environmental features beyond the requirements of city and state regulations.

C. Site design which considers the public welfare and provides appropriate community amenities.

D. Site design which accommodates flexibility and the potential for adaptive reuse and density changes without compromising the intent of the project.

E. Site design which ensures the reduction of energy and resource use and provides utilities and services more efficiently than conventional development patterns.

F. Site design which supports a diverse and sustainable population and economy.

G. Site design which allows for the integration of affordable housing.

Planned Unit Development Application (PDF)