Stormwater Stewardship


...And that’s exactly why we must manage stormwater! Unlike most of western Washington, stormwater is a critical source of streamflow and groundwater recharge in Sequim. Managing stormwater runoff means protecting our water quality and quantity through good stewardship.

The City’s first "Storm & Surface Water Master Plan" was adopted in 2016 and integrates these concepts while addressing changes in the climate and regulatory environment. (Click on the title or the link to left for the Plan webpage.)  With the help of grant funding,* planners and engineers from Herrera Environmental evaluated the City’s facilities and operations while addressing problem areas identified in the 2014 "Stormwater Management Needs Assessment" (see link to left). The Plan also provides strategies for how to pay for the work needed. Currently, all stormwater work is funded by our Sewer and Water Utilities. 

Also, because individuals make choices in their homes and workplaces which either prevent or cause water pollution, education and outreach is always a component of stormwater management work.

All sources of water are vital to our future...  including stormwater!

*Major grant funding obtained from Washington Department of Ecology’s Centennial Clean Water Program.  For further information, click on the Stormwater Stewardship grant link to the left. 

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