Public Works


We are proud of our rich heritage, friendly neighborhoods, quality of life, and services we provide. We are here to provide for our citizens and customers services and projects that will move the city toward accomplishing its goals for livability, safety, and growth of our economy.

If you have comments, questions, concerns, or potential problems, please contact public works support specialist Cindy Swegle at We look forward to hearing from and working with you.

Department Services

The Public Works Department provides many of the important services that citizens receive from their city government. Our primary functions include drinking water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, street /parking lot maintenance, bike lane/trail maintenance, landscaping, parks construction and maintenance, solid waste management, building maintenance, vehicle fleet maintenance, design and construction engineering services, traffic engineering, and city mapping. The department also plays a major role in the planning of infrastructure for the city’s and surrounding area’s future.

The Public Works Department provides services to residents, businesses, and other city departments such as Planning, Clerk / Treasurer, Utility Billing, and the Police Department. The Public Works Department also works with state and other local agencies in grant applications, state mandated reports, traffic management, stormwater management, Dungeness River Basin water quality and supplies, regional wastewater services, solid waste management and coordinated emergency response.

In 2021 Public Works presented a 1.5-hour class for the "Sequim 101" course covering operations of our municipal government. Click here to view the Story Map (15 slides, 15 sites) used for that class.

Locations & Budget

The Public Works Department operates from several locations including: administrative and engineering department located at City Hall, Public Works shops on West Hemlock, and the Water Reclamation Facility on Schmuck Road. 

We are currently the largest city department in both personnel and budget. The department employs over 30 full-time people with an annual operating budget of about $8 million, and $3 million to $6 million in capital projects each year.

Goals of the Department

The Public Works Department will:

  • Create a safe and accessible environment for citizens and visitors of Sequim while improving the infrastructure of the city
  • Participate in regional planning efforts dealing with transportation, water supply, groundwater protection, fish habitat, wastewater treatment, and much more
  • Participate in the education on environmental issues and the city’s role in preserving and improving ecosystems
  • Enhance communications and working relationships with other city departments and elected officials to better serve the needs of the citizens
  • Provide professional support to the city manager and elected officials to help them make good, informed decisions
  • Pursue funding for projects and programs from outside funding sources such as grants, low interest loans, and public/private partnerships for the improvement of city infrastructure and services
  • Continue to develop a well trained, equipped, and skilled city workforce to ensure safe, efficient, and effective services and emergency response
  • Ensure a friendly and hospitable department to do business with - we want to work with you
  • Encourage public participation in the development, operation, and preservation of the city’s infrastructure and environmental assets