June 2018

Week Ending June 22

New pickleball courts at Carrie Blake Park


Things are ramping up after our focused efforts for ServiceFest and I am also getting ready to be out of the office for a while. Here are this week's items:

Council Direction

- Small Reorganization - With upcoming staff turnover, we are reorganizing some duties internally. We will be requesting your assistance as we make some of the changes through a budget amendment in August.

New pickleball courts at Carrie Blake Park

pickleball courts.jpg

We have been working on some ideas internally most of this year and now have a chance to implement them. The result will be better alignment of services and improved technical skills amongst our staff. At the same meeting, we plan to brief you on position changes/additions that will be recommended for funding in the 2019 budget. Our "budget scrub" (internal budget balancing exercise) is planned for the late July and early August. The recommended 2019 budget will be ready for your review starting in September.

- Vacant Council Position – We got another application this week and I believe that brings us to two applicants so far. We have you scheduled to conduct interviews on July 23rd.

- ServiceFest Next Steps - We had a debrief this week. We'll be recommending a contract with Habitat for Humanity to you that will have them assisting us with cleaning up properties for low income residents, primarily identified through code enforcement. These projects would occur on an ongoing basis, rather than all at once. We are also looking at making the "Day of Color" concept a year round concept. We are planning a fall Rally in the Alley, probably in October with dates to be determined. We have a post ServiceFest report that we've compiled and will be fine tuning. Charisse and I will be using it to create a framework that we can share with other cities and counties that want to apply this concept. We've already received inquiries and interest from contacts around the world regarding the success of ServiceFest. We plan to present at the Alliance for Innovation's Transforming Local Government Conference in Reno, NV in April and at Habitat's national conference in Atlanta in March. We are also ready to assist Port Angeles, Forks, and possibly the County with their efforts. The framework we are developing should allow them to more easily implement the concepts in tailored ways to their communities. We have a long-list of things we could do better if/when we host something like this again in the future. We are hopeful that we may not have another backlog of projects in the future and that it may not be necessary if we have better systems operating throughout the year.

Council Follow-Through

- Capital Projects - We will be providing some additional updates on projects planned and underway throughout the summer. The Blake Avenue, Sunnyside, and Pickelball (picture attached) Projects are receiving final touches. Pickleball's ribbon cutting is scheduled for late July. Execution of our chip seal contract is planned for August. We'll be doing some public education on what to expect as chip seal takes some time cure. You will have a pavement preservation contract before you over the next few weeks. We planned to finish paving the parking lot at Carrie Blake Park late this summer but need to push that project back to next year at the earliest due to an engineering staff vacancy in Public Works that we have been unable to fill. We are completing final details on the Prairie Street corridor design loan. Below is a picture of our new pickleball courts receiving final touches.

- Meeting with OMC and Fire District 3 – Chief Andrews, OMC CEO Eric Lewis, and I will have our first meeting next week to talk about expanded emergency medical services in Sequim.

- Pre-Evaluation Memo - I will have my pre-evaluation memo to you before 7/6. It will provide background on the progress we made in the past year on projects, policy development and implementation, service delivery, and things identified in my last evaluation that you asked me to improve. It should be helpful information to you as you consider how to rate my performance. The next steps for the evaluation include responding to a survey that our evaluation consultant, Dave Mercier, will distribute to each of you. He will then meet with you individually prior to the evaluation in early August before we all get together in executive session to discuss the outcomes of the evaluation.

Related Items

- Shoreline Master Program Administrative Interpretation Appeal - We are contracted with a hearing examiner and he is tasked with schedule the hearing. Given everyone's summer schedules, it is likely still several weeks away. We will let you know as soon as an appeal is scheduled. Kristina and Barry are our lead staff on the appeal.

Rainworks project


- Association of Washington Cities (AWC) Municipal Excellence Award - Councilor Bob Lake, Deputy Mayor Candace Pratt, Assistant to the City Manager Charisse Deschenes and I will be attending the AWC Annual Conference next week, where we will receive a Municipal Excellence Award for Community Engagement. I will be coming back with Councilor Lake in time to make Coffee with the Mayor, where I am featured, on Thursday morning. Candace and Charisse will be staying to present on our neighborhood revitalization efforts at a session. I will also be attending an MRSC Board meeting and a dinner that occurs with the AWC Conference while in Yakima.

- Public Works Kudos – Our Public Works responsiveness to citizen requests has gotten to a point of being same day or next day, which is a substantial improvement from just a few years ago. Attached is an email (PDF) that illustrates how fast we are responding to service issues requested by the public. Kudos to David Garlington, Ty Brown, and our cross-trained and highly productive Public Works crew! Thank you Council as well. Without proper equipment, training, and staffing, we could not provide this level of service to the community. This is small town friendly service!

- The Sun Always Shines in Sequim – There are more rainworks projects out in the community. See if you can find the locations of them all the next time it rains!

- Alliance for Innovation's New President/CEO - As a Board Member for the Alliance for Innovation, I have been serving on the Executive Committee, where we advise the Chair of our Board on policies going to to the full board. I also served on the Recruitment Committee for our President/CEO vacancy over the past 6 months. That involved meeting periodically with our recruiter, helping to screen applicants, and then participating with the Board in the final selection process in Fort Collins, CO late last month. A lot of the work was done on weekends and at night. I am delighted to announce that the Alliance has a new President/CEO. He's going to be amazing for our organization! Here is more on Joel Carnes.

- International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Webinar on Talent Development - I was scheduled to present on a webinar for ICMA in early May. Due to some technical issues right as the webinar was about to go live, we had to reschedule to this past week. Over 1,300 sites registered for the webinar, some with conference rooms full of people (we often do this). The presentations were from three sources - Sequim, Denver, and Cal-ICMA (California's affiliate to ICMA). It was amazing exposure for our little city to share about our culture, things we are doing, and things that we are planning to do. I got a bunch of follow-up messages including some from people interested in working here someday. Thank you Council for supporting our efforts to move the organization in this direction! Here is a link to the webinar. It was free but you may need to register to view it, if you are interested. I am the first presenter.

- iap2 Conference – Here is some information from iap2 (PDF), a nonprofit involved with community engagement design and facilitation. They are at the table at the Kettering Foundation and have some amazing materials, including the attached framework. iap2 has their North America conference in September and it happens to be in Victoria in early September. We may be sending staff to the conference. We have three community/stakeholder workshops that we are planning for this fall (housing in October, human services in November, and budget in December) and it would be helpful to tap the resources at iap2 to further design those meetings. We are also beginning development of our citizen academy, Sequim 101, this fall. Here is more on the conference, in case any of you have an interest in attending.

- Weekly Updates Next Five Weeks – There will not be a weekly update for the next five weeks due to my schedule below. I will provide single issue updates on things that arise when I am in the office. Acting City Managers will keep your apprised of items as they arise the following few weeks.

Week Ending June 15


Last week’s late update is a bit sparse, due to ServiceFest. Here are the items:

- ServiceFest Wraps Up – Whew, a ton of effort went into these last two weeks! We got almost everything done that we set out to complete (a couple of kiosks still need to be installed and the mower shed is near completion). Kudos to everyone involved, from your support, to staff efforts, our partners (especially Habitat for Humanity), service clubs, community volunteers, and most importantly the Care-A-Vanners! Habitat’s national office has been tracking us for the past two weeks and intends to replicate this effort in other places. We will also be sharing the model we’ve developed with other local governments. Most importantly, we helped some people with some significant property issues, completed a lot of public projects of value to the community, and splashed some color around town. We have a big debrief planned for this week and will continue to refine the model. I’m going to put a placeholder in the 2019 budget for potentially doing this again next year but we probably won’t know details for several months regarding whether that will happen and how it will look. We’ll have more for you in a Council briefing sometime this summer.

- Court, Jails, Prosecution, and Public Defense Contract - This item is on the list for discussion with the County at our upcoming meeting. Our read on the contract is that it does not allow for an opener for this type of occurrence (legislative change). We also don’t really know the scope of the legislative change, in terms of impact. It appears the County is taking a more extreme view of it than may be the case. The City of Port Angeles is not inclined to open the agreement at this time with the County and we recommend the same. If we were to open it, we recommend that we negotiate some favorable terms as a condition for opening it. We’ll need some direction from you at the meeting on the 25th. Here is some radio coverage on the topic from this week.


Charlie Bush

Week Ending June 8


This has been a busy week, due to ServiceFest. Here are this week’s items:

Council Direction

-Fire District 3 Interlocal Agreement – We are working on an interlocal agreement with District 3 to cover areas like Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training and management, joint EOC Operations, military surplus equipment, and employee training. We are getting close on language and will hopefully have it completed this summer. We anticipate adding some additional items onto it in the future. We met with the District this week.

Council Follow-Through

-ServiceFest – ServiceFest is rolling along. We completed many projects and events this week (see Barb’s press releases for details), and have more planned for next week. We’ll have a full debrief for you sometime this summer. I’d encourage you to get out and check out some of the project sites. There have been some dramatic transformations!!! So far, the experience has been rewarding, moving, transforming, and challenging for all involved. Our staff, Habitat staff, community volunteers and service organizations, and most of all the Care-A-Vanners have been amazing!!! The many months of planning we put into this has paid off as well.

Related Items

-Governor Inslee’s Visit – Councilor States represented us with Governor Inslee’s Port Angeles visit this week related to maritime industries and the Emerald Coast Opportunity Zone. Staff had various ServiceFest and Port meeting conflicts. By all accounts, his visit was productive and the region represented well.

-KSQM – In case you missed it, there was a great storydone recently about our community radio station.

-Rainworks Projects Installed – Our project that received the most votes for implementation at Peter Kageyama’s 2016 workshop has been installed in various locations around the City. The messages show up on sidewalks only when wet and remind people of the sun that usually shines in Sequim. One of them is on the plaza. Jodi Minker and Colleen Robinson were the primary people behind this effort.