April 2019

For Week Ending April 5


Here are this week’s items:

Council Direction

-    Facility Rentals – We’ve put together a comprehensive analysis of facility rentals for a future work session.  We are going to be looking for some guidance from you regarding your overall goals for facility rentals.  For example, do we set up our policies to maximize cost recovery, for maximum community use, or for some hybrid?  At this point, we are siding towards maximum community use, with a first come/first served approach, but that is having an impact on our ability to recover costs.  We’ve had to turn away some higher cost recovery opportunities due to scheduling conflicts.  We will share financial data from our facilities and market data we’ve collected.  We now have enough data on facilities like Guy Cole to inform a productive discussion.

Council Follow-Through

-    Sequim Ad Hoc Housing Committee – We had our first meeting last night, discussing Task 1 in the study, which relates to property tax policy.  We’ll have more discussion on that topic at the next meeting, while also moving on to the next recommendation on our list, Task 5 relating to incentive zoning.  Our next meeting will be on 4/30.  We had a spirited discussion last night.  The committee would like to add a Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe representative, possibly a Lower Elwha Tribe representative, a mortgage lender, and a North Olympic Land Trust representative.  I also talked with another attending Planning Commissioner after the meeting and recommend that we add him as well.  Please let me know if you have any concerns.  This is a “big tent” problem that will benefit from more voices at the table so I am supportive of what they are recommending.  I cautioned the committee that we should not expand beyond this potentially new size, however, as the group can get too large for healthy engagement to occur.

-    Vaping (response by Chief Crain) – The topic of vaping came up at the last Council meeting.  Attached is the associated RCW.  Purchase, possession or attempting those, of Vaping products by those under age 18 is prohibited and enforceable by our Officers.  Vaping products use are also restricted in numerous public places, see RCW.  Local jurisdictions can further regulate indoor public places but can’t further alter outdoor public use.  We can put out information on the RCW to educate the public.  We have used this RCW for vaping enforcement.

-    eBikes (response by Chief Crain) – The topic of e-bikes came up at the last Council meeting.  Attached are the RCW’s associated.  They discuss class 3 bikes and restrictions on shared paths.  I intend to go talk to Pedego Bikes just to see what they are discussing with their customers.  Right now, I would consider the RCW language sufficient, with education being the most helpful move for the time being.  If we start to see issues, we can re-assess the approach.

Staff assigned to the Sequim Bicycle Alliance plan to have further conversations on this topic with that group.

-    Seattle is Dying – At Councilor Lake’s request, I’m forwarding a link to this KOMO news story about Seattle’s struggles with homelessness.  We also shared it with our human services team and with the housing committee.  There are some significant differences between Seattle and Sequim, and our approaches to the issue have been significantly different, but nonetheless it is an important set of perspectives to consider.

-    John Wayne Marina Assessment – We are close to completing the assessment.  We will be following up with you in May on it.

-    Neighborhood Plan – We are in the final draft phase of plan development and should have it to you in the next couple of months.  It has implementation items that mostly fall in 2020.

-    Broadband Action Team (BAT) – I was able to link up with other Sequim stakeholders, including Broadband providers, and interested residents at the NODC’s Broadband Workshop a couple of weeks ago.  We set a goal of forming a BAT for Sequim, a proven approach to promoting and securing more broadband in communities and a requirement of a Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) broadband planning grant.  We’ll be having our first meeting before the end of April.  I’ll be setting up that meeting after next week.  I’m also trying to decide if I’m going to attend a free USDA Rural Development broadband workshop in Oregon in late April.  It starts on a Tuesday morning at 8 AM after a City Council meeting the night beforehand.  It is a two-day event.

-    Team Dynamics Work Session Item – You requested a deeper conversation at your Advance on the team dynamics sessions I experienced at Harvard.  I’ve got a workshop item ready to go for a future meeting, as soon as we find a spot on the calendar.

Related Items

-    Bringing Labor Negotiations in House – Over the past few years, we’ve been focused on developing the capacity and expertise in house to handle our future labor negotiations without the use of consultants.  I’m pleased to announce that we have achieved this goal.  Yesterday, we completed a transition with our former labor negotiator.  We’ll be able to save some professional services dollars going forward.

-    Drucker Institute Article – We received a feature article this week in the Drucker Institute’s newsletter, Courage.  It is in depth coverage of the work we completed with them late last year.

-    Municipal World Interview – I will be doing an interview with the Canadian local government magazine Municipal World  next week.  They are similar to Governing magazine  in the US.  When something gets published, I’ll pass it along.

-    City Update at Sunrise Rotary – I did my annual presentation this morning for Sunrise Rotary.  It was a general update including Council goals, other major initiatives and projects, our organization culture work, and accolades.

-    Planning Calendar - Was attached


Charlie Bush

City Manager