June 2019

Week Ending June 7 


Here are this week’s items:

Council Follow-Through

-    Ad Hoc Housing Committee – Our committee had its fourth meeting this week.  We drafted most of our recommendations and may only have one more meeting.

-    Sequim Health & Housing Collaborative (SHHC) – We reached agreement this week on contract language that we will bring forward to you for consideration at the 6/24 meeting.

-    Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) Broadband Planning Grant - The Port of Port Angeles has offered to submit a countywide grant proposal to study broadband access.  We, and others including the City of Port Angeles and Clallam County, have agreed to participate in concept.  The North Olympic Development Council (NODC) has been instrumental in pulling us all together.  We'll need to bring an interlocal agreement to you for consideration to formally participate with the Port.  We’d be splitting the match, which will probably amount to $5,000, amongst the partners.  We may shoot for making a July grant application deadline but a more likely grant deadline is this fall.  We should have the study underway later this year, if funded, advancing one of our 2018-2019 Council goals.  There is a high likelihood of funding as the State has indicated that they would prefer a regional approach to this grant and that is what we are submitting to them.  Jefferson County got funded for a similar study last year.

Related Items

-    Youth Summit – Mike Flynn, of the Youth Services Task Force, and I, along with a small team of middle school students and with the help of middle school administration, engaged middle school students this week in a youth summit.  It was done during the lunch periods at the middle school using older and newer technology.  We used Instagram and a flyer to solicit information from students.  We will analyze the data to inform future Youth Services Task Force actions.  This was the second youth summit.  We did the first with high school students about three years ago.  That was a totally different format, taking place in the evening.

-    Considering Private Streets Becoming Public Streets Under Certain Circumstances - A staff team met this week to discuss some possible criteria for a policy that we will discuss with you at a future work session.  This is becoming a bigger topic as the City faces more development pressure.

-    Electric Bikes - An internal staff team met this week to discuss electric bike regulations being discussed by the County.  The County is considering an ordinance that appears to duplicate much what was in a State law passed in 2018.  We plan to follow the State law which, for example, bans class 3 electric bikes from shared use trails like the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT).  The complicating factor is we should also have consistent regulations across the ODT so we plan to attend the County's upcoming discussion on this topic.  Our plan in Sequim is to focus on education about existing State law.  If the County decides to do something different, we'll have to consider whether we impose regulations consistent with theirs.

-    Sequim Sister City Association Contract - We are several drafts into developing a contract that will clarify the City's relationship with the Sister City Association.  We'll be bringing the contract to you for consideration, given the Council liaison position included in it, after we've reached agreement on language with the Association. That will probably be late this summer into the early fall.

-    Tabletop Disaster Exercise – We began practicing this week for our Active Shooter field exercise occurring later this year.  We came away, as we would from any good practice session, with a list of improvements.  While we will be carrying some extra work on this topic this year to get ready for the main field exercise in the fall, we will be asking you to consider additional staffing in the budget for emergency management for the future to help us develop more long-term continuity in that area.

-    Alliance for Innovation Board of Directors - My board position will be up at the end of 2019 and I've let the Alliance know that I don't intend to run for another term (our bylaws are changing and that may require a runoff of existing board members, which is not of interest to me – I was appointed to my current role by a nominating committee and the board).  I will consider a future board position, or continuing in the current one, if one is offered to me, after conversing with you.  It has been a busy three years at the Alliance and I feel that I've done my best to make a positive impact there.  The City will continue to be involved in Alliance activities as a member regardless of my board status.  It is also of note that I've consistently served on statewide and/or national boards since 2006 so taking a break from that type of service at this time is probably in order.  I'm also stepping off the statewide Municipal Research Services Center (MRSC) Board at the end of June.  I’ve already attended my last board meeting with MRSC.

-    Planning Calendar - Was attached