potential Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Center

The City provided information relating to the City's role in the permitting process for the potential MAT Center at the July 29, 2019 City Council Meeting. The public provided comments and asked questions. This web page is meant to provide document links to the City responses to questions at the July 29 meeting, share submitted notes and letters provided by the public, and to provide copies of emails received by Council and City Staff concerning the MAT Center.

Below are the links to the documents provided on the Sequim website. 

Link to Possible Polko Questions Related to the Potential Medication-Assisted Treatment

Link to July 29 Special City Council Meeting Questions & Responses 

Link to July 29 Special City Council Agenda and Submitted Public Comments 

Link to the Comprehensive Plan 2015-2035 webpage

Link to the Planning Report for the Bell Creek Economic Opportunity Area

Council Cover Sheet for Resolution R2018-24 proposing adoption of  2018 Comprehensive Plan Amendments.
Link to October 22, 2018 City Council Minutes
Link to adopted R2018-24

Link to Council Cover Sheet for Ordinance 2018-12 Adopting Interim Controls in Economic Opportunity Areas and HTLI Zone and Creating a new Chapter in the Sequim Municipal Code - Chapter 18.33 Business and Employment Districts (see attachments in document)
Link to November 13, 2018 City Council Minutes
Link to Ordinance 2018-12

Link to the December 10, 2018 Council Cover Sheet for Ordinance No. 2018-12 Adopting Interim Regulations in Economic Opportunity Areas (EOAs) and Consolidating said Regulations with the High Technology and Light Industrial (HTLI) Zoning Regulations Creating a New Business and Employment Zoning District.

Link to Audio for the City Council Meetings

Link to Agendas & Minutes page where public comment handouts are also stored after City Council Meetings.

Emails March 27, 2019 to May 31, 2019

Emails June 2019

Please visit https://www.sequimwa.gov/235/Public-Records for the searches of emails and correspondence related to the MAT. (We use a different system to search these particular items so that is why you are redirected to the Public Records link.) Then select Trending Topics. Then select Potential Medication-Assisted Treatment Facility.

Note that the information provided on this webpage and to the Public Records link above will be updated periodically. Please check bookmark these pages and check in regularly.