Can I get a different court date?
If you are a DEFENDANT in a Sequim criminal case, contact your attorney to discuss a "continuance" or "set-over" of a court date. If you are representing yourself "pro se", you may request a different court date in writing to the court, with a copy to us, setting forth your name, the case number, the current court date, and the reason you need a different date. The judge will decide whether to grant your request and may require that you appear in court or by phone to discuss a continuance. If the judge doesn't grant the request and you don't show up for the current court date, a bench warrant will likely be issued for your arrest.

If you are a WITNESS in a Sequim criminal case and unavailable for a court date, please contact us right away by phone. We may ask that you provide us with a written statement to support our request for a new date, or we may determine that your testimony is no longer required and will excuse you from complying with the subpoena.

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