How does the City of Sequim treat its sewer?
In November, 1995 the City of Sequim adopted Resolution 95-08 which established a wastewater task force to assist the City in the research and planning of available alternatives for wastewater reuse systems and program. The Wastewater Reuse Task Force met weekly and the final report was presented to the City on February, 1997. With the aid of the $5.3 million no interest loan and a $3.4 million grant, the City has upgraded the sewage treatment facility to meet Class "A" reclaimed standards, extended the outfall 1,320 feet and done the planning/engineering for our 100% upland reuse program. In this program the Reclamation Facility effluent is no longer wasted into the strait but returned to the City and used in place of potable water for irrigation, landscape, fish habitat enhancement etc., which reduces the withdrawal from the Dungeness River and wells in the Sequim Dungeness Valley.

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