Do I need insurance?

Insurance is required if facility use includes alcohol, athletic participation, or hot food/kitchen use. Refer to “What do I need?” flowchart

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1. How much do Facility Rentals cost?
2. When do I have to pay?
3. What type of licenses and permits are required?
4. Do I need insurance?
5. When do I have to provide proof of insurance?
6. When and where is alcohol permitted?
7. What permits and insurance are required if I will be serving alcohol?
8. Does the City provide dishes, serving utensils, silverware, etc.?
9. Can I decorate the Guy Cole Center for my event?
10. Can I arrive early the day before to set up?
11. Our event is going late into the night. Can we come back the next day to clean?
12. When am I required to both rent a facility AND obtain a Special Event Permit?
13. Are the Civic Center City Council Chambers or Burkett Room available for rent?