If I go south for the winter, am I charged for Water and Sewer?

Yes, unless you request City personnel to shut off the Water meter. When the Water meter is shut off by City personnel, usage charges discontinue, however stand-by fees are still charged for both Water and Sewer.

 A stand-by fee means a fee charged by the City for Water and Sewer availability when City Water is shut-off, but not disconnected. Availability means the City currently has capacity to serve the connected unit. It takes approximately three months of services to offset the water meter shut off fee. If you will be gone less than three months, you still may want to have your water shut off to prevent damage from a potential leak. The City is unable to "shut-off" Sewer-only customers.

To request your Water to be shut off, complete and bring the Standby Request form to the Finance Department at 152 W Cedar St. Standby Request Form

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