Criminal Investigations

Investigation Division Staff

Police Investigations is staffed by a Detective Sergeant and 3 Detectives, 1 who is assigned to the Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Enforcement Team (OPNET). OPNET is made up of city, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.


Detectives provide assistance and support to patrol officers who are the first responders to almost all reported crime.

Common Cases

The bulk of cases that require additional and specialized investigative follow-up include sex crimes, child abuse, financial and identity theft cases, aggravated assaults, missing persons, arson, and suspicious deaths.

In-Depth Investigations

While all officers in the department are skilled in conducting investigations of all types, a patrol officer’s work load prevents them from having the time necessary to devote to longer term, in-depth investigations; our Detectives augment the patrol officer’s investigative efforts in such cases.

Volunteers In Police Service

Selected members of our volunteers in police service (VIPS) work closely with our Detectives, and they assist them with internet based data collection.

Coordinating with Other Jurisdictions

Detectives also coordinate investigations from other jurisdictions that involve criminal activity which may begin in other communities, but spreads to Sequim. This level of cooperation is essential as crime knows no imaginary boundaries and criminals themselves recognize no jurisdictional lines. It is routine for our Detectives to work with the Department of Corrections, Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services, the County Prosecutor’s Office, as well as many other state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Registering Sex Offenders

In conjunction with the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office, Detectives are also responsible for the departments’ sex offender registration and monitoring program.

Crime Reporting Data and Mapping

In early 2018, the Sequim Police Department will be introducing a new crime analysis product to provide crime data and mapping for our city. We will no longer be utilizing