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21 calendar DAYS FROM THE DATE THE written DECISION is posted 

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Clallam County PUD #1 Solar project

file no. SUP19-001

notice of decision

city council decision and order

project description

The project consists of re-purposing a decommissioned electrical substation for the installation of a ground mounted 30kW solar system. The project is a Community Solar Project with utility district (Clallam County PUD No. 1) rate paying customers buying into the installation. The Clallam County PUD No. 1 will coordinate the energization of the Solar PV System to an existing PUD 50 DVA 7200V-120/240V transformer located within the Sequim Substation, thus providing solar energy to their utility customers. This proposed use consists of two (2) solar array panels being 10.3 feet wide by 81.86 feet long mounted two (2) feet above the ground. The panels will be set at an angle of 30 degrees facing south, extending vertically 5.15 feet from the panel’s bottom edge to the top edge. Including the two (2) feet ground mounted support structure, the panels will attain a height of approximately 7.15 feet above ground level.


  1. Staff Report
  2. Exhibit Log
  3. Exhibit 1 - Application
  4. Exhibit 2  - Proposed Site Installation View
  5. Exhibit 3 - Proposed Drawings
  6. Exhibit  4 - Survey - Clallam County PUD Site
  7. Exhibit 5 - Invitation to Neighborhood Meeting
  8. Exhibit  6 - Legal Notices & Affidavits

lavender meadows

FILE NO. BSP19-002

the public meeting that was scheduled for august 20, 2019 and the public hearing that was scheduled for september 9, 2019 have been cancelled, pending submittal of revised plans. 


A proposed preliminary Major Binding Site Plan application to develop a 217 unit manufactured home park in three phases on approximately 38.3 acres of “Single Family Residential” (R 4-8) zoned property. As proposed, Phase 1 will be 82 units, Phase 2 will be 71 units, and Phase 3 will be 64 units. The proposal includes an internal private road system built to adopted city road standards, with one point of access to Port Williams Road and two points of access to N. Sequim Avenue.


  1. Notice of Application
  2. Application
  3. Plans
  4. Plans 50 scale
  5. Geotech Engineering Report
  6. Parking
  7. Transportation Impact Analysis
  8. Preliminary Storm Drainage Report
  9. Cation Exchange Capacity
  10. Preliminary Landscape Plan 1
  11. Preliminary Landscape Plan 2
  12. Revised CCRs
  13. Critical Areas Memo
  14. Fill Estimates
  15. Environmental Review Packet and Checklist

Legacy Ridge 

file no: SUb15-001

City council decision and order

Notice of Rescheduled Public Meeting and Public Hearing



1      Preliminary Major Subdivision Application received January 22, 2015.

2.    Notice of complete application issued February 18, 2015.

3.    Notice of incomplete application issued October 16, 2016.

4      Revised drawings received May 6, 2019.

5.    Notice of complete application issued May 16, 2019.

6.      SEPA Threshold Determination & SEPA Environmental Checklist.

7.      Agency Comments:

a.     Public Works Preliminary review comments

b.   mail from Gary Smith, Sequim Prairie Tri-Irrigation (no comment)

8.      Public comments:

a.     Matrix of received Public Comment by Topic through June 2016 (all comments referenced in the matrix are hereby incorporated by reference in their entirety);

b.    Ken & Kris Phillips comments received 6-5-19.

c.     Robert Cain comments dated 6-3-19, received 6-7-19

d.    Janet Rogatz comments 6-10-19

e.    Cherry Blossom Estates comments received 6-11-19

f.     Dianne Dickey comments receive June 12, 2019;

g.     Jack & Nancy Metcalf comments received 6-12-19

h.    Liann Finnerty comments 6-13-19

i.      Cherry Blossom Estates comments received 6-17-19

j.      John Butler comments received 6-17-19

k.     Sea, Sun & Sierra Vistas HOA comments received 6-17-19

l.      Tom Fenner comments received 6-17-19

9.      Neighborhood Meeting notes and sign in sheet;

10.   Legal Notices/Affidavits;

Notice of Application, SEPA Threshold Determination, Public Meeting and Public Hearing (affidavit of mailing and publication confirmation).

Notice of Rescheduled Public Meeting and Public Hearing (affidavits of mailing, posting, and publication confirmation).

11.  Traffic Impact Analysis Comment Response and TSI [3rd Party] review comments

12   Critical Area Study & Buffer Mitigation Plan for Legacy Ridge Preliminary Plat; prepared by Wetland Resources, Inc. latest revision December 21, 2018. 

Fir Street Rehabilitation project

West Fir Rehabilitation - SEPA Checklist

West Fir Rehabilitation Project - Geotechnical

West Fir Rehabilitation Project - Stormwater Report

West Fir Rehabilitation Project -Archaeological Monitoring

West Fir Rehabilitation - IDP

Affordable Housing Study 

Affordable Housing Study