Information Technology


The Information Technology Department provides the technology tools and data services required to support the departments that provide services to our citizens. Our goal is customer service, and we make a continuous effort to ensure our staff has access to the resources and technologies they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Looking Forward

We pride ourselves on being good stewards of taxpayer’s dollars and do not make unnecessary technology purchases. We see technology as a tool and leverage its use to improve operational efficiencies where possible. We adhere to IT industry standards and follow best practices and procedures with the goal of being in the middle of the technology curve. We will be researching better ways for citizens to use technology to communicate with the city and are open to your ideas.

Provided Services

Some of the services we provide to staff are:

  • Access to web and other internet services
  • Audio and visual presentation setup and support
  • Complete file, print, and document management services
  • Email, with anti-virus and anti-SPAM protection, and archival retention
  • Facilities security monitoring
  • Financial and budgeting database services
  • Help desk services by phone, remotely, or in person
  • Land-line and cellular phones
  • Network and data security
  • Secure remote access to city email, applications, and data
  • Support of GIS (graphical information services)
  • Support of police mobile data services
  • Support of water and sewer information and control systems (SCADA)