Block Watch

Start a Block Watch in Your Neighborhood

What does it take to start a Block Watch?

A Block Watch Captain who:

  • Contacts neighbors and organizes the initial meeting.
  • Disperses information to neighbors regarding safety and/or emergency issues involving the neighborhood or the city.

The Block Captain and neighbors commit to the following:

  • Meet twice a year to maintain the neighborhood connection.
  • Create and update the neighborhood map, giving one to each neighbor and to the Sequim Police Department.
  • Welcome new neighbors and provide them with the Block Watch information.
  • Provide Operation ID decals as neighbors need them

Be sure to name a Co-Captain to help with the Block Watch and to find a replacement if the Captain moves away. Having several people share these tasks makes forming a Block Watch easy and fun!

Being a Block Watch Captain, or otherwise involved in your neighborhood's Block Watch, does not take much time or effort. You are volunteering your eyes and ears to your community and promising your neighbors that you will call the police if you see or hear suspicious or criminal activity in your neighborhood.

For help forming a Block Watch in your neighborhood, contact the Sequim Police Department at (360) 683-7227.

We also encourage our block watch groups to participate in an emergency preparedness program. Programs like Map My Neighborhood and CERT. Contact our office or visit one of the following links for more information.