Shoreline Master Program

Shoreline Master Program

Shorelines within the City limits are protected by the Washington State Shoreline Management Act (SMA) - RCW 90.58, and management guidelines, which regulate land use and development within 200 feet from rivers, lakes, streams, and marine shores. RCW 90.58 and the management guidelines require local governments to develop a local Shoreline Master Program (SMP). Collectively, the local master programs comprise the State Shoreline Master Program.

A Shoreline Master Program is developed through a partnership between the Department of Ecology and local governments that regulates shoreline development. Local governments have the primary responsibility for initiating and administering the Shoreline Master Program. Ecology’s role is supportive and focused on ensuring compliance with the Shoreline Management Act.

The Shoreline Master Program is Title 19 of the Sequim Municipal Code.

The City of Sequim will soon embark on an update of its SMP. The City last updated its SMP in November 2013, and Washington state law requires jurisdictions to review and update their SMPs every eight years in accordance with the SMA and its current guidelines and legislative rules to attain state approval.

Shoreline Master Program FAQs

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