Adopted Core Values

The City's most important role in economic development is to accomplish our mission, which is "We provide quality, cost-effective services, facilities, and infrastructure to build an exceptional community and a great place to live."

The following are the core values and guiding principles, adopted by the City Council on October 13, 2014, which should be followed and used to help make decisions related to economic development:

  1. Maintain strategic, operational, and financial plans to support the anticipated increase in businesses providing employment and residential growth while maintaining Sequim’s small town atmosphere. Learn more
  2. Continue to encourage tourism as an economic driver and promote the City’s and the surrounding Sequim-Dungeness Valley’s features and assets, including the natural environment, recreational opportunities, agricultural industry/heritage, cultural attractions and culinary experiences. Learn more
  3. Maintain, advocate and work in partnership with regional and community alliances that improve the quality of life and economic vitality within the City of Sequim. Learn more
  4. Provide the development community with a review process that delivers accurate and concise information as it relates to development standards and the costs of development to ensure that Sequim remains an attractive municipality in which to invest capital. Learn more
  5. Support development and redevelopment within downtown Sequim which will preserve the district’s small town charm, support pedestrian-oriented circulation, and retain the downtown core as the culture heart of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley. Learn more
  6. Encourage the retention of the unique and small businesses that lend character to our City and are an attraction while supporting new development and infill development of regional retail shopping centers, light industrial, and research and development businesses that help create a diverse economy in Sequim. Learn more
  7. Evaluate the economic development impact on proposed City regulations which will help maintain economic stability and health. Learn more
  8. Continue to nurture its role as a desirable location for business, family, and retirement populations and to provide encouragement to the industries that support and serve these populations. Learn more