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The Project Lifesaver Program not only helps to locate missing persons afflicted with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive disorders, but it provides a measure of comfort and a sense of security for the caregivers and family members of the Project Lifesaver clients. 

Participant and caregiver requirements

Enrollment information

If you have any questions about the program, please review answers to frequently asked questions or contact the Sequim Police Department at (360) 683-7227.


It should be noted that client searches involve different variables and incidents are unpredictable. There may be times or circumstances when an individual cannot be located due to device malfunction, reception impairment, or any other technical or nontechnical reasons.

The Sequim Police Department makes no warranties, guarantees, assurances, or promises of any kind as to the effectiveness or success of the Project Lifesaver tracking services or of any search or searches undertaken utilizing the Project Lifesaver equipment or other related equipment.