Abandoned and Junk Vehicles


We all want to live in a clean and aesthetically pleasing neighborhood and City. By regulating nuisance violations we deter and prevent conditions that could become potential hazards while keeping the City of Sequim a great community to live. There are a number of situations that can constitute a nuisance and Code Compliance works towards prompt resolutions to violations. If you are concerned about a location, contact the Sequim Code Compliance Officer at (360) 683-7227.

Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles on city property or rights-of-way must be elevated above the ground in an unstable manner, unattended, and meet three or more of the following elements (SMC 10.13.030):

A. Vehicle license expired over 30 days;

B. Owner on the vehicle’s registration does not live within the city;

C. Is apparently inoperative;

D. Complaint of vehicle’s abandonment from city resident;

E. Has not moved within past 30 days;

F. Is not parked within two (2) block’s of registered owner’s address;

G. Vehicle is being used as a storage container;

H. One or more flat tires;

I. Broken windshield or rear window;

J. Extensive body damage;

K. Partially dismantled;

L. Wrecked or in condition that inhibits or prevents use.


The definition of a junk vehicle is a vehicle meeting at least three (3) of the following requirements (RCW 46.55.010). The vehicle:

1. Is three years old or older in age;

2. Is extensively damaged (i.e., a broken window or windshield, missing wheels, tires, motor or transmission);

3. Is apparently inoperable;

4. Has fair market value equal only to the approximate value of the scrap in it.

Vehicles meeting any three of the outlined criteria are subject to enforcement and may be abated per SMC 8.05.040. To avoid enforcement actions, these vehicles must be removed, placed in an enclosed building or placed where not visible from the street, public or private property.

Code Compliance is proactive in using this ordinance to address the problem of abandoned cars. If you receive a RED NOTICE OF INTENT TO TOW on your vehicle you have 72 hours to remove the vehicle. Moving the vehicle to another location in the same area, does not qualify as removal of the vehicle. If not removed, your vehicle will be towed and not released until all fees are paid in full.