Business Licensing

Doing Business in the City of Sequim

Per Chapter 5.04 of the Sequim Municipal Code, businesses operating, located at or occupying premises within the city are required to have a city business license. The City of Sequim has contracted with the Washington State Department of Revenue to provide business registration services. Businesses are able to apply for a City of Sequim business registration when they apply with the state for their Unified Business Identification Number (UBI).


The cost of a City of Sequim General Business License is $56. However, please note that the state may charge an additional processing fee.

Applying Online for a Business License

To register for a Washington State business license, visit the Washington State Department of Revenue website.

If you are doing business within Sequim City limits, you can add the Sequim license when you are applying for your Washington State Business License.

Registering Your Business with the City of Sequim

If you already have a Business License (UBI) and only need to register your business with the City of Sequim, visit the Washington State Department of Revenue website and follow these instructions:

  • Select "File a Business License Application."
  • After you log in, the next screen is the "Purpose of Application." Check only the box "Add State and/or City License to Existing Location". Doing this will bring up less screens that you have to complete.
  • Select "Continue," and finish the application.

For More Information

If you have questions regarding the process, please contact the Washington State Department of Revenue at 1-800-451-7985 or visit their website.