Among the services provided by the Public Works Department is the maintenance of about 50 miles of roads and alleys. Maintenance activities include the following:

  • Crosswalk maintenance                 
  • Ice and snow removal                
  • Maintenance of utilities located beneath the streets and alleys                
  • Shoulder maintenance                
  • Sidewalk maintenance 


The Street Fund includes cost for the following:

  • Administration
  • Capital projects
  • Roadway maintenance
  • Sidewalks / nonmotorized paths
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Storm drainage
  • Street cleaning
  • Street lighting
  • Streetscape / landscape
  • Traffic control

Fund Revenues

Revenues for the fund come from three primary sources:

  • Arterial fuel tax
  • Local sales tax collections
  • Motor vehicle fuel tax

Capital projects are often financed through Street Fund revenues (General Fund), through grants from other government agencies, or through private development.

Report an Issue
If you have a street maintenance problem you'd like to report, please contact the Public Works Department at 360-683-4908 and include a description of the problem.