The City of Sequim operates and maintains water system and sewer utility enterprises. The water system consists of 2,347 connections, six wells, Ranney system, four reservoirs, 543 fire hydrants and 65 miles of water lines. The sewer system includes 2,519 connection, 4 sewer lift stations, 73 miles of sewer line and a Water Reclamation Facility.

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The key goals of the Water and Sewer Utilities are to:

  • Provide residential and commercial customers with superior customer service
  • Supply safe drinking water
  • Furnish a safe and reliable sewer collections system
  • Comply with all state and federal requirements and regulations
  • Establish a water conservation program with drinking water customers, encouraging customer input (This would be a partnership with city utilities, possible Clallam County PUD and other partners)
  • Continue the City's vision of the state of the art Water Reclamation Facility
  • Promote the use of Reclaimed Water
  • Research and implement water and sewer systems, with pride and professionalism
  • Continue operator and collections staff training and Safety Programs
  • Review and adjusts rates if needed
  • Maintain and follow a 6-year capital improvement plan (CIP)

The City of Sequim’s Drinking Water and Sewer Systems will continue to improve and expand in conjunction with customer service, water quality, and water sustainability and also provide residents with a safe reliable sewer and treatment system. With the large investment the City has made in the water and sewer systems and with progressive thought, city staff continues to follow this direction.

In 2012 we took efforts to conserve drinking water by having a leak detection survey and repairs of the leaks in the water system. The city recently completed an expansion project at the Water Reclamation Facility (WRF), increasing capacity to 1.67 million gallons per day. The WRF continues to produce 100% Class "A" Reclaimed Water and Class “A” EQ Biosolids. The City will continue to investigate uses of Reclaimed Water and Biosolids regionally. One key item for drinking water conservation is the city’s production of Reclaimed Water. As the city expands the Reclaimed Water distribution system more customers will be identified and connected, conserving our drinking water resources.

For more information please contact Pete Tjemsland at 360-683-4908.