About the Council

Council Members & Terms

As the city’s governing body, Sequim’s seven elected, part-time City Council members are elected at large to represent the entire community, not individual districts. Council members serve staggered four-year terms, and roughly half of the City Council is up for reelection every two years.

The City Council chooses a mayor and mayor pro tem from among its members at the first meeting following an election. The mayor presides at council meetings and represents the city at ceremonial and intergovernmental meetings. The mayor pro tem presides in the mayor’s absence.

Communicating with Council Members

Citizens may communicate with City Council members through phone calls, letters, or email. People may formally address the City Council during public hearings or public comment at City Council meetings. View more details on public participation at City Council meetings.


Functions of the City Council include:

  • Adopting City Council goals (PDF) and strategic direction
  • Appointing members of various boards and commissions
  • Appointing the city manager
  • Approving contracts and grants franchises
  • Approving intergovernmental agreements
  • Establishing city policy through ordinances, resolutions, and adopting the city’s annual budget
  • Serving as the legislative body of the City of Sequim

In an effort to obtain youth input, the City Council created two youth (PDF) liaison positions in 2016. Hannah Hampton is currently serving as the youth representative and one position is vacant.