Attending a Council Meeting

Public participation

At each council meeting there is an opportunity for the public to address the council. The public comments are provided for at the beginning of each meeting.

Suggestions for speakers:

  • When you are invited by the Mayor, please walk to the podium, speak into the microphone, and state your name and address for the record.
  • Please limit your remarks to three minutes.
  • If someone else has made the same points, simply indicate your support.
  • Do not expect Council to take action immediately unless the matter is an emergency.

“Public Hearings” are scheduled at the beginning of the regular meeting. A sign-up sheet is available for those wishing to testify. Following a brief presentation by staff, the Mayor invites the public to testify from the sign up sheet first. (Please follow the “Suggestions” as stated above.) The Mayor will also ask if there is anyone present who would like to speak but has not used the sign up sheet. After everyone is finished speaking, the Mayor will close the public portion of the hearing and the Council will discuss the matter and may take action.

The “Consent Agenda” contains routine business items which are not controversial in nature and which do not need further discussion. Items the Council removes from the Consent Agenda will be considered and acted upon following adoption of the remaining consent items or moved specifically to another section on the agenda.

“Other Business”contains items which may require input from individuals. The City Council generally takes actions on these items.

The Council may recess the regular meeting for “Executive Session.” This is a closed portion of the meeting where the Council can discuss confidential legal matters, personnel matters, labor negotiations, property transactions, and/or matters of national security. These are the only issues which may be discussed in executive session.