City Clerk


The mission of the City Clerk is to maintain open government and preserve the public record.


The City Clerk serves as a link between the public and policy formation and facilitates the City's legislative process. She assists the City Council in fulfilling responsibilities by administering required procedures involved in Council operations. She is the liaison to Clallam County Elections, conducts City Council Mayor elections and the appointment process for Council vacancies, verifies notices have been posted or published and completes necessary tasks for effective and compliant public meetings. The City Clerk records Council decisions in meeting minutes and oversees the preservation and protection of ordinances, resolutions, the municipal code and other vital public records.

The City Clerk promotes efficient management of all public records in accordance with state laws through written procedure and staff training. By improving the organization of and access to information she assists all members of staff in carrying out duties efficiently. She is the City's Public Records Officer required by RCW 42.56.580 who serves as a point of contact for members of the public requesting records disclosure. She oversees the City's compliance with state public records disclosure requirements. Please contact the City Clerk in the City Manager's Office at 360-681-3428 or at for public records inquiries.

The City Clerk also performs a variety of administrative tasks in support of the City Manager's Office in carrying out Council directives and accomplishing City goals. She works to improve or develop processes for efficient operations and responsible use of public resources.

Services Provided

  • Public Records Officer
  • Records management
  • Legal Notices
  • Meeting agendas and notices
  • Meeting minutes
  • Parliamentary procedure
  • Ordinance codification
  • Coordinate appointment process for Council
  • Coordinate appointment process for Council advisory boards
  • Acceptance of Service and Claims for Damages
  • Bid openings
  • Document attestation
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