Stormwater Permitting

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Guidance for building & Developing: SMC 13.104

Guidance for maintaining stormwater facilities: SMC 13.108

  • The City's Fact Sheet for private stormwater facility maintenance.
  • Local vendors who vac catch basins and jet infiltration lines: 
    • Clallam County list is here  (to be added to this list contact
    • Kitsap County maintains a list here
    • Proprietary filter servicing vendors for the broader region can be found here
    • or you can Google "vac truck near me"

Checklists for inspection and maintenance of stormwater facilities:

Catch basin (PDF)
Infiltration trench/drainline (PDF)
Trench drain (PDF)
Drywell (PDF)
Detention pond (PDF)
Closed detention (manhole) (PDF)
Control structure/flow restrictor (such as inside manhole) (PDF)
Biofiltration (vegetated) swale (PDF)
Wet vegetated swale (PDF)
Wet ponds (series) (PDF)
Filter strip (PDF)
Bioretention (rain garden) (PDF)
Energy dissipator (PDF)
Debris barrier (trash rack) (PDF)
Permeable pavement (PDF)
(Please contact Sequim Public Works for other facilities.)

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