Communications & Marketing

From the Director

"I enjoy telling the story of our wonderful community and all of the great things that go on in Sequim through the tourism marketing portion of my job. I also have the opportunity to work with the City Council and other members of the City Staff to keep Sequim Citizens informed about what is happening with the City. Two-way communication is an important function of government, and I strive to support the City efforts to make sure Sequim Citizens are informed and engaged."

Barbara Hanna
Communications and Marketing Director



The Communications Director develops and implements various strategies that support both internal and external communications. The director serves as an internal consultant to the City Council, City Manager, and other City departments on communications strategies and methods including media relations, the City website, monthly newsletter, social media programs, and internal communications programs.

Tourism Marketing

The Marketing Director develops and implements the strategic plan for increasing the number of visitors to Sequim. This function is funded by the City’s Lodging Tax Fund, which receives revenue from a tax on overnight accommodations such as hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals and RV Parks. The City’s marketing plan may include advertisements, publications and promotional materials, media relations, social media programs, special events, newsletters, and developing and maintaining the tourism website. The Marketing Director works with other tourism agencies across the Olympic Peninsula to increase tourism to the region.

Services Provided


  • Serve as consultant to City Council, City Manager and City Staff on communications strategies and methods, including:
    • News releases
    • Presentations
    • Brochures
    • Signage
    • Messaging Strategies
    • Community Events
  • Produce monthly newsletter for inclusion in utility billing
  • Work with City Departments to maintain City of Sequim website
  • Develop social media programs to increase citizen input

Tourism Marketing

  • Develop and implement marketing strategies to increase tourism to Sequim, including:
    • Advertising
    • Media Relations
    • Publications
    • Promotional Materials
    • Tourism Website
    • Social Media Programs
    • Special Events
    • Newsletters
    • Video Production
  • Work with other tourism agencies across the Olympic Peninsula to increase tourism to the region
  • Serve as staff liaison to the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee
  1. Newsletter
  2. Website
  3. Social Media

The City of Sequim produces a monthly newsletter.